ジュースというよりはエナジードリンクの刺激! 結成から2年半、まさに満を持しての初アルバムは、待たせただけのことはある大ヴォリュームの2枚組。つんく製のシングル集という趣のDisc-1と初出曲メインの生絞り気分なDisc-2、注目の後者は中島卓偉星部ショウ児玉雨子ら現行ハロプロのブレーンが伝統を咀嚼した手つきも好ましい力作です。先輩たちのカヴァーを聴かせるDisc-3(通常盤のみ)の風格も頼もしい!

[English Translation]
A stimulating energy drink rather than plain juice! 2 and a half years since formation, a long-awaited yet worthwhile-the-wait 1st album by the 5 girls, unit Juice=Juice (of selected trainee members under Japanese idol-famous Hello!Project) carries hefty contents of 2CDs (Disc-1&Disc-2) plus 1(Blu-ray Disc/DVD/CD)depending on the retail options; ‘limited 1st editions’ or ‘standard’. Coupled with Disc-1 which sounds as if it were a singles collection by super producer Tsunku’, Disc-2, consisting of freshly squeezed new tracks, turned out so impressive as its creators (i.e. Takui Nakajima, Sho Hoshibe, Ameko Kodama, the regular brains behind the ongoing Hello!Project) reliably kept and extended the project’s basic directions. On Disc-3 (only with the ‘standard’ package) the group confidently covered the project’s senior members’ tunes and that fully meets our expectations as well!