NATURE DANGER GANG『THE INFERNO』食品まつりやLEF!!! CREW!!!ら参加 相変わらずの狂乱が貫く新作


スカム系の旗手として地下シーンの先頭を走る彼ら。新作は相変わらずの狂乱とナンセンスとパーティー感に貫かれ、目的と欲望が明確すぎてイノセントに感じるほど。食品まつりや国士無双、CRZKNY、Seimei & Taimeiなど半分以上がゲストとのコラボ曲だ。LEF!!! CREW!!!とのハチャメチャな終曲での〈生きてるってなんだろ、生きてるってなあに〉という言葉(お笑い番組の引用だが……)がなぜか心に刺さる不思議!

[English Translation]
As the flag-bearer of ‘scum’ (Japan-unique style of music rooted in junk/lo-fi/noise rock from the 90s in the US, that is considered wildly off-key or unartful) music players, this band is now leading the underground music scene. This new album is mad, nonsense and in party-mode throughout, as usual, demonstrating their too-obvious purpose and desire that actually make them sound innocent. More than half of the tracks on the album are made in collaboration with guest musicians, such as Shokuhin Maturi a.k.a foodman, kokushimusou, CRZKNY, and Seimei & Taimei. For some reason, the phrase ‘What is it to be alive, what are we alive for?’ (quotation from a comedy show) of the absurd finale with LEF!!! CREW!!! sharply digs in to our hearts!