Ryuuta Takaki、初期フライロー思わせるトラックなどヒップホップ~アブストラクト~チルウェイヴ行き交う多彩なビート聴かせる初作




[English Translation]
Known for the remarkable appearances on the works of fellow artists such as beatmaker LASTorder or the deceased real-life poetry rapper Fukashigi/Wonderboy, the 1995-born rising beatmaker Ryuuta Takaki‘s 1st full-length release conveys the theme that’s hidden deep within each of us. Impressively unfolding a profound and melancholic soundscape where silence and motion peacefully coexist, this instrumental album demonstrates his colorful beatmaking, enjoyably hopping around the realms of hip hop~abstract~chillwave, as affirmed by the early Flying Lotus-ish track “Steller”, and the dark and beautiful sound image truly sends shivers down our spine. An almost scaryingly amazing sensitivity at a tender age of 20!

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