TGTではタキシードを羽織って紳士的に振る舞い、前ソロ作『Stronger』ではレトロ感に合わせてシックなスーツを纏っていたタンク。それらの反動かのように、1年半ぶりの新作では背中(の筋肉)で語るジャケットで、まずは己の肉感的なソウルネスを誇示する。しかもタイトルが2007年の傑作『Sex Love & Pain』の第2弾ときては期待せずにいられない。その表題を歌詞に織り込んだ冒頭の“SLP2”ではジョデシィのような曲調に情熱的な歌を響かせ、先行曲“You Don't Know”ではパティ・ラベルの名曲を悩ましいファルセットで歌い込み、ボーイズIIメンショーン・ストックマンを迎えた“Already In Love”は大人の魅力ムンムン。アンダードッグズら馴染みの制作陣を迎えて性、愛、痛みをテーマに歌う好曲だらけの内容は、〈タンクらしさ〉に対して自覚的になって作り上げたと思しき世界観だ。オーセンティックでストロングな彼の持ち味を存分に味わえる快作。

[English Translation]
Behaving gentlemanly in a tuxedo when performing as a member of TGT (super group consisting of successful R&B singers), and wearing a chic suit on the cover of his last solo album "Stronger" in tune with the retro feel. As if it were a backlash against such decency, TANK displays his (muscular) back and shows off his physical soulness on this new album released for the first time in a year and a half. The title describes itself as a sequel of the epic album "Sex Love & Pain" in 2007, raising expectations for the new one. On the opening track "SLP2" whose lyrics include the album title, TANK delivers passionate singing on the Jodeci-ish tune. He sings American singer Patti LaBelle's famous song with his amazing falsetto on the pre-released "You Don't Know" while he shows off his mature charm on "Already In Love" featuring Shawn Stockman of the vocal group Boyz II Men. Welcoming his longtime production team, The Underdogs, the album is packed with great songs of sex, love and pain that demonstrate 'TANK's distinguished quality.' This excellent album will give you an authentic and strong flavor of what he has to offer.