GotchやちゃんMARIら迎えた、Nabowa景山奏によるTHE BED ROOM TAPEの新EPはコラージュ的編集センスがやはり非凡


前作『YARN』からわずか3か月で、早くも4曲入りのEPが到着。ゲスの極み乙女。ちゃんMARIがピアノ演奏で参加し、音数を絞ったトラックの上でGotchが淡々とメロディーを紡ぐ“音符の港”をはじめ、コラージュ的な編集センスにはやはり非凡なものがある。韻シストBASIを迎えたジャジーな“Free”、山本啓のヴァイオリンをフィーチャーし、ダウンテンポに仕上げたUyama Hirotoのリミックスも秀逸な仕上がり。

[English Translation]
Only approx. 3 months from the previous highly acclaimed “YARN”, THE BED ROOM TAPE (solo project by Kanade Kageyama, guitarist of Kyoto-based instrumental band Nabowa) has delivered his latest 4 tracks EP already. As revealed in “Onpu no Minato(meaning Port of Notes)” where Chan Mari (keyboard/Gesu no Kiwami Otome.) plays the piano and Gotch (Masafumi Gotoh/ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION) serenely weaves the melody on the syllabically minimized track, this EP proves his extraordinary collage-ish editorial sense. The jazzy “Free” featuring rapper BASI (of hip hop unit In-sist), and the downtempo remix by notable chillhop producer/DJ Uyama Hiroto that features Nabowa member Hiraku Yamamoto’s violin, also come in excellent form.