THA BLUE HERBのレーベルから登場して12年――札幌を拠点に北海道の自然を思わせる雄大なダンス・ミュージックを発信してきたクリエイターが、6年ぶりのフル作を完成させた。作曲はもちろんすべての楽器をみずから演奏し、数曲では加工により無機質な聖性を帯びた歌声も披露。シンセの淡いアンビエンスが落とす陶酔的な音像と、スクエアなビートを土台にジワジワと躍動するグルーヴが静かな昂揚をもたらす一枚だ。

[English Translation]
12 years since the sensational debut from THA BLUE HERB RECORDINGS owned by the alternative hip hop trio THA BLUE HERB, DJ/producer/sound creator Naohito Uchiyama just completed his 1st full length album in 6 years on the label. Based in Sapporo, the capital city of Hokkaido which is the northernmost and biggest prefecture in Japan, blessed with highly inspirational natural landscapes, the superb scenery has obviously reflected on the remarkable creation and presentation of his own magnificent dance music world. Managing everything from songwriting to multiple instruments playing all by himself, this album features the mechanically processed, effectually unemotional yet holy sacred sound of his vocals on several tracks for the first time as well. Synthesizer-generated, pastel-colored intoxicating ambience audio image and the square beat-based gradual, throbbing grooves surely deliver a tranquil and uplifting moment.