VARIOUS ARTISTS 『ベスト オブ ハバねこポッセ』


もともと7曲入りで配信されていた猫ソング集が、CD化に伴って17組参加の一大コンピへと拡大! TSUTCHIEGinger does'em all椎名純平ThamesbeatNOPPAL食品まつりikkubaru+JULIEしまおまほ+okadadaらが個々の作風を通じて猫への偏愛を音に変換しています。アートワークでは各人の愛猫も披露され、まさかそっちが主目的では……という疑念もありつつ、参加メンツには猫好き以外もまっしぐらですね!


[English Translation]
VARIOUS ARTISTS  "Best of Habaneko Posse

What originally used to be a 7-songs digital 'cat songs compilation' has been nicely expanded into a major compilation disc, recording a list of tracks by an impressive 17 artists! Producer of hip hop group Shakkazombie, TSUTCHIE (also known for producing the soundtrack for the anime "Samurai Champloo"), dance music creator Ginger does'em all, R&B singer/singer-songwriter Junpei Shiina, Kobe-based track maker Thamesbeat, rapper NOPPAL, track maker Shokuhin Matsuri aka Foodman, the Indonesian city-pop band and DJ-combined unit ikkubaru+JULIE, manga artist/illustrator and Osaka-based DJ/track maker-combined unit Shimao Maho+okadada, all convert their leaning affection towards the felines to sounds through their own individual styles. As the artwork proudly features the pet cats of each artist, it makes one wonder that the artists might have actually been after the artwork from the first place… but anyway, the lineup of artists on this album is good enough to send a straight stream of fans to the stores, whether they like cats or not!