Olive Oil、不調和になりそうでならぬ手捌きにより甘美で麗しく時にファニーな音世界を聴かせる16曲入りEP


KOJOEとのジョイント・アルバムに続く新作は、全16曲から成るEP。端正なトラックに不揃いな音をさまざまに絡めながら、不調和になりそうでならぬ手捌きはここでも彼独特。甘美で麗しく、時にファニーな音世界を全編で聴かせる。思いつくままに音ネタを重ねる才気走った作りがトラックを加速させる“HBDP”や、シンプルなオケと語りが溶け合う、唯一ラップがフィーチャーされた“GUESS WHAT”などを収録。

[English Translation]
Following the amazing joint album with KOJOE last year, here comes the latest 16 tracks-EP from the multi-gifted DJ/producer, Olive Oil. Blending random tones with exquisite tracks in various ways, his unique artistry skillfully manages to void the potential discords. Including “HBDP”, empowered by his brilliant creation scheme with impulsively compiled samplings, or the only rap-featured track, “GUESS WHAT” in which the simple backing tracks melts with the narration, the whole piece surely leads you into the mellifluous, beauteous and sometimes funny sound world of his own.