8人体制で最初のリリースとなったのは、いきなりのフル・アルバム。これが大充実の前作『JEJEJEJET!!』を凌ぐほどのクォリティーで、幕開けの“HONEY DISH”から妙に甘えた“ヘブンズバーガー”、ハード系の“Not in theory”まで、直球勝負でジャケそのままのカラフルさを鳴らしてくるのは流石。“You”のようにカラリとしたアメリ感強めなノリも楽しい! で、無性にエモい“向日葵”は背景を知らずとも胸に迫るはずの名曲です。

[English Translation]
First release after the group has become a team of eight (as of May31, became a team of seven,) is surprisingly a full album. The quality of this album exceeds that of   “JEJEJEJET!!”, their previous album that was already excellent. “Beef or Chicken” starts off with “HONEY DISH” followed by a mushy and sweet “Heaven’s Burger”, all the way to the hard core track “Not in Theory,” the album is straight forward and colorful just as the CD cover.  “You” is a fun track that reminds you the openheartedness of [Amelie], the French film! “Himawari (meaning Sunflower)” is an highly emo-masterpiece that will touch your heart even if you don’t know the backstory.