Q-MHz『Q-MHz』ユニゾン田淵を擁する作家チームの初作にLiSAらが参加 キャッチーな旋律で織り成す一大音楽絵巻


畑亜貴、田代智一、黒須克彦、田淵智也(UNISON SQUARE GARDEN)から成るソングライター・チームの初リーダー作。アニソンなどのシーンを跨いで数多の楽曲を創作してきた4人が、全作詞/作曲を担ってその作家性を存分に発揮している。一方、編曲や演奏においては、彼らをハブとする大勢のシンガーやプレイヤーを招聘し、その個性を彩りとする趣向だ。LiSAの鮮烈なヴォーカルと滝善充(9mm Parabellum Bullet)のギターが沸騰しそうな熱を放つ“LiVE DiVE MHz!!”を皮切りに、鈴木このみを招いたゴスなメタル・ポップ“星の名は絶望”、南條愛乃が歌うケルト・エレポップ“La fiesta? fiesta!”など、豊かなアイデアととびきりキャッチーな旋律で織り成す一大音楽絵巻!

[English Translation]
First album released by Q-MHz -a team of creators/song-writers for anime, idols and games- comprised of Aki Hata, Tomokazu Tashiro, Katsuhiko Kurosu and Tomoya Tabuchi (from the rock band UNISON SQUARE GARDEN). These four artists who transcend the music scenes of anime etc. shared the lyrics-writing and composing of all songs, and fully expressed their individual artistry. On the other hand, for arrangement s and playing of the instruments, the artists welcomed an array of vocalists and musicians they work with, bringing out each of their personalities and colors. Starting with “LiVE DiVE MHz!!” a bubbling hot track with LiSA’s powerful vocals and the guitar by Yoshimitsu Taki (from the rock band 9mm Parabellum Bullet) the album is followed by a goth metal pop track welcoming the singer Konomi Suzuki on “Hoshi no Na wa Zetsubo (meaning The Name of the Star is Despair)” and also “La fiesta? fiesta!” a Celtic electro pop which welcomed the voice actress Yoshino Nanjo. This album is one great picture scroll of music full of rich ideas and super catchy melodies!