ハウス・ミュージックへの接近が顕著だった前作から一転、ロッキンでエレクトロな側面にフォーカスした趣の通算5作目。冒頭の〈泣き〉のギター・リフからバンド・セットでのライヴに期待を抱かせる楽曲が顔を揃えるなか、シーン注目の宅録女子=Maika Leboutetを迎えた“J.M.F”など時折挿し込まれるメロウなナンバーで懐の深さも見せつける。リスナーを何度でも世界の先端に連れていく、そんな気概に満ちた充実作。

[English Translation]
Standing in complete contrast to the previous album, which clearly landed closer to house, this fifth album seems to focus on the duo’s rock and electro side. While compiling songs like the opener with a weeping guitar riff that send a sense of anticipation for their live performance, the album demonstrates their sonic breadth on sporadic mellow numbers such as “J.M.F”, which features Maika Leboutet, a bedroom recording studio girl that’s attracting the scene’s attention. This is a satisfying album with a musical aspiration to endlessly take the listener into cutting-edge sonic experience.