AKLO "Outside the Frame"

Following his preceding works, "THE PACKAGE" and "THE ARRIVAL," AKLO's third album, “Outside the Frame,” is imbued with new drive of the Japanese hip-hop MC, who has transferred to a major label. Dark and heavy-toned tracks are intertwined with his further evolving flow while AKLO demonstrates his own aesthetic on his most emotionally rich delivery ever over the mic. On leading single "McLaren" and the title track, his energy seems to percolate through the lyrics over the slow tempo, hinting at how he has managed to improve his own tunes. Like the previous albums, BACHLOGIC and JIGG from the One Year War Music label team up to produce the whole sound of "Outside the Frame." Tracks like the dramatic progress of "247365" and the savage "Sometimes" are jaw-dropping. AKLO might belong to a major label now, but there is no sign of creative compromise here. This is a masterpiece that proves that his flow and backing tracks are both on the cutting edge of the Japanese hip-hop scene.