DJ Deckstream 『DRESS CODE』


前作『DECKSTREAM.JP』はメジャー級のゲストが大挙参加した彼なりの〈J-Popアルバム〉だったが、今回は日本語ラップに照準を絞って夢のカードを多数実現! VERBAL×Shing02SEAMO×D.Oなんて反則曲もあるが、リリカルなムードを湛えた主役のビートにはMummy-D×RYUZOの勇壮なタッグが男の哀傷も感じさせて相性抜群かも。そういった意味ではWATT a.k.a ヨッテルブッテルのメロウなラップも◎。

[English Translation]
His last piece "DECKSTREAM.JP" was a 'J-pop album' for him, where so many famous guest musicians took part in.  This time, he focused on 'Japanese rap' and realized lots of dream matches!  Collaborations such as 'an established producer and DJ VERBAL with another established MC Shing02' and 'a famous rapper SEAMO with MC D.O.' are too good to be true.  Beats, the star of the work, are filled with lyricism.  They are also supported by 'Mummy-D from a leading hip hop trio RHYMESTER and a worldwide rapper RYUZO,' an epic and the perfect combination that makes us feel men's grief.  In that sense, mellow rap by another MC and beat-maker WATT a.k.a. Yotterubutteru can get a very high score.