FRONTIER BACKYARD、フルカワユタカの軽快ギタポやイルリメによるアシッド風味曲など収めた〈Backyard Sessions〉第2弾


the band apart荒井岳史をフィーチャーした〈#001〉以来、何と9年ぶりに〈Backyard Sessions〉が復活! セルフ・プロデュースを基本とするFBYが〈プロデュースされる〉ことをテーマに盟友や後輩が集い、フルカワユタカが生楽器主体の軽快なギター・ポップに仕上げれば、イルリメはアシッドなテイストを盛り込んだ奇妙なサウンドで異彩を放つ。Wienners玉屋2060%による記名性の強い和のテイストも印象的。

[English Translation]
‘Backyard Sessions’ is finally back for the first time in nine years after they released the previous work ”#001” which featured Takeshi Arai, the vocalist and guitarist of the band apart, a famous rock band. FRONTIER BACKYARD’s works are normally self-produced, but the theme of the project this time is ‘FRONTIER BACKYARD gets produced.’ To make this happen, their buddies and younger colleagues got together:  Yutaka Furukawa, former member of trio rock band DOPING PANDA, gave a touch of light indie-pop to a track mainly played by acoustic instruments while Illreme, a hip hop musician, stands out with conspicuous and strange sounds with an acid taste. Strong and unique Japanese taste by Tamaya 2060% from rock band Wienners, is also impressive.