SPECIAL OTHERS、新作は煌びやかなギターと鍵盤が呼応しジャズ~ポスト・ロック的なリズム隊と結びつき生まれる緊張感が◎


3年ぶりのオリジナル・アルバムは、新曲はもちろんSPECIAL OTHERS ACOUSTICのリアレンジ曲や、2013年の日本武道館公演で来場者に配布されたシングル曲を含む11曲を収録。煌びやかなギターとキーボードが呼応し、それらがジャズ~ポスト・ロック的なリズム隊と結び付くことで生まれる緊張感がとても心地良い。デビュー10周年イヤーのキックオフ作品として申し分ない、スペアザらしさ120%の作品だ。

[English Translation]
The latest studio album in 3 years from the jazz/post rock band SPECIAL OTHERS nicely packs a good 11 tracks, including rearrangements of SPECIAL OTHERS ACOUSTIC (the acoustic project by members of SPECIAL OTHERS formed in 2014), the single track distributed to the audience of their performance at Nippon Budokan in 2013, as well as new tracks, needless to say. The flamboyant sounds of the guitar and keyboard act in concert, and the delicate sense of tension that arises by those sounds  connecting with the beats played by the jazz~post-rock-oriented rhythm section, is amazingly pleasing to the ear. This is a pack of music simply perfect to kick off their 10th year from debut, and one that demonstrates 120% of the musical capabilities as SPECIAL OTHERS.