bajune tobeta + evalaLLLLmergrimら16組が参加したコンピ。Pianaの無垢な歌声をフィーチャーしたLASTorder、深遠なエレクトロニカを紡ぐno.9、憂いを帯びたアブストラクトな音像で幻想へと誘うGeskiaなど、インストの電子音楽から歌モノまで、イマジネーションを掻き立てられるトラックがズラリ。派手さはないものの、流麗で切ない音世界と緻密な空間美に、時を忘れてどっぷり浸れる良盤です。

[English Translation]

A pleasant compilation album of electronic/acoustic/instrumental/vocal pieces that feature a gorgeous lineup of 16 artists including bajune tobeta (musician/producer/remixer) + evala (musician/sound artist), LLLL (electro/shoegaze band) or mergrim (producer/composer). Beatmaker LASTorder features the innocent singing voice of Piana (musician/singer), while no.9 (solo project by composer Takayuki Joe) weaves esoteric electronica, and Geskia (master of underground hip-hop and breakbeats) invites listeners to fantasy with abstract sound images tinged with a tone of melancholy. These all contribute to the great collection of tracks ranging from instrumental electronic sounds to vocals that stirs the imagination of the listener. Although it doesn’t come with glitziness, still, it is a wonderful piece that allows for a time-forgetting listening experience awash in an elegant and nostalgic sound world combined with a meticulous beauty of space.