ZEN-LA-ROCKと韓国のラッパー・KIRINのコラボEPは、grooveman Spotらによる80s~90sオマージュ採り入れたフレッシュな楽曲目白押し


ZEN-LA-ROCKと韓国のラッパー・KIRINとのコラボEPは、2人の共通項である80s~90sへのオマージュをふんだんに取り入れたコダワリの内容。ファンクでブギーで、単なる懐古な感じにならないフレッシュさも感じられる楽曲が目白押し。grooveman Spotによるニュー・ジャック・フレイヴァーな“PURPLE JACK CITY”やYASTERIZEが手掛けた新曲に加え、両者の代表曲の新ヴァージョンも収録した夜ごと聴きたくなる一枚。

[English Translation]
Fully loaded with their homage to the 80s-90s that serves as their common denominator, a superb collaborative EP by prominent rapper with 10 years of career ZEN-LA-ROCK and his Korean good fellow KIRIN has finally been unveiled. Tidily furnished with funk and boogie yet far beyond a mere collection of the ‘good old days’, the latest piece contains plenty of freshy tracks. Featuring new songs such as the new jack swing-flavored “PURPLE JACK CITY” produced by his mighty supporter grooveman Spot, or the new tune by the highly acclaimed beatmaker/DJ YASTERIZE, the album also includes updated versions of both artists’ signature tunes. This significant piece will be our favorite pastime, every night from now on.