SKY-HIの2作目は、KREVAやBROKEN HAZE製のトラックをビターな詩情挿みながら快活なラップで乗りこなした華のある一枚


昨年にデビュー10周年を迎えたAAAとしてはもちろん、個人でもレーベル運営を含め順風満帆な〈トリックスター〉が送るソロ2作目は、前作同様に己のラップのみで聴かせる一枚に。FIRE HORNS×DJ WATARAIによる軽快なファンクからBROKEN HAZEらしい美メロなフューチャー・トラップKREVA製のエピック感を湛えた二段式ビートまでを、時折ビターな詩情を挿みながら快活に乗りこなしていく様にはやはり華がある!

[English Translation]
SKY-HI  "Catharsis"

SKY-HI (stage name of rapper Mitsuhiro Hidaka) has been sailing pretty smoothly in his career as a member of AAA (7-member Japanese pop/performance group) that marked its 10th anniversary last year, and as an individual artist who also runs his own label. The 'trickster' has released his second solo album featuring exclusively the rapping by the artist himself, as with his previous release. He shows brilliant performance as he flows nicely on each track, ranging from the light funk by FIRE HORNS×DJ WATARAI to BROKEN HAZE's signature future trap with beautiful melodies and KREVA's two-stage beats filled with epicness, while sometimes interweaving his bitter sentiment with the songs!