20年の大笑いと馬鹿騒ぎ。わがままに我が道を歩んできた二人の20周年記念の3枚組ベストである。注目はカヴァー集の〈星盤〉。平岡精二の迷曲をより奇怪にした“謎の女B”など彼女たちならではのふてぶてしいS級品が満載だ。独自の郷愁感が浮かぶたまの“さよなら人類”をはじめ、意識をどこか遠くへ連れ去っていく効力がより発揮されている感がある。デヴィッド・ボウイ“Ziggy Stardust”ほか洋楽系も軒並み最高。

[English Translation]
20 years of big laugh and horsing-around! Nicely going their own, literally egocentric way through the years, the iconic jazz/experimental/art pop duo’s 20th anniversary-special greatest hits/covers arrives in a 3-CD set with each disc named Taiyo (Sun), Tsuki (Moon) and Hoshi (Star) respectively. To be especially noted is Hoshi/Disc3, a collection of cover songs which is full of its usual audacious yet S-rank top quality tunes, such as a twisted version of jazz musician/composer/songwriter late Seiji Hiraoka’s oddly-good “Nazo no Onna B (meaning Mystery Woman B)” or the uniquely nostalgic “Sayonara Jinrui (meaning Goodbye Humans)”, the memorable original by disbanded rock unit Tama. The effect of their music taking your mind to somewhere afar seems to be put forth than ever before. On the foreign-music end, all the tracks including Bowie’s “Ziggy Stardust” come out great as well.