Three-piece LITTLE CREATURES releases new album of thoroughly free-form rock


LITTLE CREATURES "Michi no Album (Unknown Album)"

5 year hiatus after "LOVE TRIO," that was produced in celebration of their 20th anniversary, LITTLE CREATURES send their 25th-anniversary greetings with "Unknown Album." The title wonderfully captures their character. Considering they have followed their instinct for the obscure to seek out something interesting, you would be forgiven for thinking the album will show them reach new heights. It lives up to your expectation as it sees the three piece band floating down with a thoroughly free-form rock sound. It feels novel that it takes in the Japanese lyrics throughout, but the first thing to pay your attention to is their knife-like verbal impact. To keep up with this intensity, Aoyagi's guitar sounds razor-sharp and at times quirky, revealing his unusually bold, adventurous side. LITTLE CREATURE's formless yet controlled groove is a telling definition of proficiency, shifting flexibly between rapid and slow rhythm with sporadic bizarre beats. Despite a casual mood on the album, every listen offers literally heart-warming soul music. No matter how eager you are to know about this feelgood factor, it will remain elusive.