The 4-piece girls' rock band KINOCO HOTEL comes back with album of less-is-more aesthetic


KINOCO HOTEL  “Marianne no Kakumei (meaning Marianne's Revolution)” 

Having moved to a new label, KINOCO HOTEL return with the first album in two years. "Marianne no Kakumei (meaning Marianne's Revolution)” opens with a surf rock-infused intro accompanied on the organ, favouring a retrospective and solid approach, one of the four piece band's fortes, with their usual aplomb. Its characteristic, however, lies in the unusual distinctive second half, which offers an array of sparse songs with a less-is-more aesthetic such as a rich, voluptuous cascade through the lengthy medium of "Enrai (meaning Distant Thunder)." In contrast to the arc of the album, the auto-tuned vocal of ska pop "Ruro Gamble (meaning Nomadic Gamble )” abruptly pops up, springing a lovely surprise.