Rainych on Japanese city pop music “City pop has an effect of bringing both generations together”

Rainych on Japanese city pop music “City pop has an effect of bringing both generations together”

The album, City Pop Voyage: Standard Best, was released, exclusively at Tower Records Japan. This 2-CD compilation is based on the theme: Japanese city pop music that transcends times and borders, and now fascinates the world. It includes covers of classic songs by old and new artists, such as Miki Matsubara’s “Mayonaka no Door (Stay With Me)” and Mariya Takeuchi’s “Plastic Love.”

One of the hot topics about City Pop Voyage: Standard Best is that Rainych’s cover of “Mayonaka no Door (Stay With Me)” has been released on CD for the first time. Rainych, a singer from Indonesia with the one and only amazing voice, is known for her cover of “Mayonaka no Door (Stay With Me),” which sparked the song’s revival.

Incidentally, when she recorded “Mayonaka no Door (Stay With Me),” Rainych said about the “winter” atmosphere of the song, “We don’t have winter in Indonesia, so I’ve never experienced it. But I sing the song imagining it.” The cover must have been challenging for her.

This time, Mikiki interviewed Rainych about Japanese city pop music via e-mail. What does she think is the appeal of city pop? She revealed her honest thoughts.

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What made you decide to cover “Mayonaka no Door (Stay with Me)”?

Rainych: I’ve always enjoyed listening to multiple genres and not limit myself to any particular music. I also like to explore as many genres as possible in singing. Doing so not only spices up my experience but also helps to enhance my capabilities be it in singing or mixing. As for Mayonaka no Door, it is that kind of song that is simply timeless. Anyone, regardless of their generation, can enjoy and groove to it!

How did you feel when you sang “Mayonaka no Door (Stay with Me)”?

Rainych: There are many preparations that I had to do beforehand but in brief, I had to make sure that I not only sing the song but I’m also able to match the song’s emotions and energy. It’s a little bit different than my usual covers but practise does wonders ~ I’m thankful to have a chance to sing a classic masterpiece by a renowned singer :)

What is the charm of “Mayonaka no Door (Stay with Me)”? Also, what do you think about the original song by Miki Matsubara?

Rainych: “Stay with Me” by Miki Matsubara is one of the legendary songs known by many and which, I believe, plenty may hold dear to their heart. For me personally, whenever I listen or sing to it, I feel like I'm traveling to a very old period of time, an experience that I can only imagine its beauty in all its complexity ~

Personally, to you, what kind of aspects differentiate songs that are written in Japanese and those of in English and also, what is the fun of Japanese songs? You cover a lot of anime songs, what do you like about Japanese culture, anime and anime songs?

Rainych: I believe everyone has their own taste when it comes to music. The attraction of Japanese songs in my opinion is for the most part, they have meaningful lyrics and catchy instrumentals. This is especially true for Anime OPs where the songs are tied to the storylines which give the songs a greater depth to its listeners. I don’t have favourites when it comes to languages for songs but for me Japanese songs are fun simply because I like to sing them!

On another note, if you were to ask me, Japanese culture is almost synonymous to anime/manga here in Indonesia ^_^ ” There is still plenty for me to learn about the culture and I look forward to the day that I can visit Japan and experience it firsthand!

How do you feel about “Mayonaka no Door (Stay with Me)” being released on CD for the first time? What do you think about the CD media which is different from YouTube? Is CD not so popular anymore in Indonesia?

Rainych: I’m sure it’s an exciting and monumental moment for Japanese music! The thing about CDs is that for some, keeping physical copies is a way for them to preserve treasured memories. It just has that different feel to it as compared to owning digitised products. In Indonesia, the use of CDs isn’t that prevalent but some people still use them here.

What do you think of the songs on City Pop Voyage: Standard Best? Are there any songs that you like or would like to cover?

I’m familiar with some of the songs and I can’t wait to listen to the rest once I get a hold of the CD. Since I’ve covered a few city pop songs, I don’t see why I wouldn’t go on and cover a few more in the future ^^

What do you like about city pop music? In a TV interview you said that it “takes us back to a bygone era.”

Rainych: Bygone is too strong a word haha! I would say city pop brought about a visually enticing and uniquely elegant pop that has ever been introduced to the music world. The songs from this period of prosperity provide relief from mainstream music and reignite the passion of those who were fortunate enough to experience the hits during their youth. It, hence, has that effect of bringing both generations together which I feel is nothing but beautiful.

Who is your favorite city pop singer?

Rainych: I like them all :)