QNから改名して初の新作は、SIMI LAB脱退後のささくれ立つ思いをこじらせた前作のムードを振り払う、仕切り直しの一作だ。前回に続いて手弾き/打ち込みの要素を活かした音の部分でも、フットワークの軽い鳴りで新生面を呼び込み、よりフィジカルに。ウェッサイ調のオケで菊丸とマイクを交える“菊エキシビジョン”は新たな収穫だろう。さらに、MARIA(SIMI LAB)、菊地成孔田我流らに加え、ビーフのあったNORIKIYOとのまさかの再合流や、SEEDAとの初共演も良い作用を呼んでいる。前作で俄然強まったハードコアなスタンスを脇に置き、ひとまず一歩踏み出さんとする意欲がリリックに風通しの良い遊びをもたらしたRAU DEF & MARIAとの“続BETTER”に、従来の彼らしい魅力が。


[English Translation]
Kikuchi Kazuya  "CONCRETE CLEAN Senshuraku"

The first new album after he renamed himself from QN represents a fresh start, driving away the irritable mood he was in after he left SIMI LAB (Japanese hip hop unit) which permeates the last album. As with the last album, it features sound that takes advantage of finger play/step recording. The light-footed sound brings out a newborn aspect of him, making the album more physical. "Kiku Exhibition" where he raps with rapper Kikumaru on West Coast hip hop-flavored backing track is a successful new challenge for him. Moreover, in addition to featuring MARIA (SIMI LAB), Naruyoshi Kikuchi (Japanese jazz musician/writer/composer) and Dengaryu (Japanese rapper), unlikely reunion with NORIKIYO (Japanese hip hop MC/trackmaker), with whom he had a beef, as well as the first collaboration with SEEDA (Japanese hip hop MC) produce a positive effect on the album. His distinctive charms are found in "Zoku BETTER" featuring rappers RAU DEF & MARIA, in which he puts aside the hardcore stance that has intensified on the last album and expresses his willingness to make another step forward, giving the lyrics playful freshness.