BUSHMINDなども名を連ねるSEMINISHUKEIに所属し、多くのプロデュース仕事やtofubeatsのリミックスなどで知られるDJの初作。揺らぎのあるウワモノで浮遊感を纏ったシンプルなトラックはHBKギャングにも通じるもの。客演にはこれまでトラック提供してきたERACAMPANELLAをはじめ、仙人掌TOSHI蝮らが名を連ね、特にCENJUILL-TEEを迎えた“Go Dumb”のDJマスタードっぽいミニマル感がヤバす!



[English Translation]

This is the first release from DJ HIGHSCHOOL who belongs to the distinctive label SEMINISHUKEI along with artists such as DJ/beatmaker BUSHMIND, and known for his several productions, and his remix for tofubeats, the DJ/singer/producer/beatmaker. His simple tracks involve overdub sounds of wavy textures that produce a floating feeling that is along the lines of HBK Gang.  Guests include ERA and CAMPANELLA, both rappers of whom he has provided tracks to before, as well as other rappers Saboten and TOSHI MAMUSHI.  In particular, “Go Dumb” featuring CENJU from DOWN NORTH CAMP and rapper ILL-TEE has a minimal feel that is dope and is reminiscent of DJ Mustard!

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【参考音源】DJ HIGHSCHOOLがプロデュースしたO.I.“Like Dice”