bloodthirsty butchersの新譜とのコラボ映画を監督予定だった石井岳龍が、吉村秀樹の急逝を受け、彼らからのインスパイアを元に劇映画を作り上げた。そのサントラは当然すべてブッチャーズ曲であり、代表曲から貴重なナンバーまで収めた絶好の編集盤でもある。ライヴ音源などを映画用に加工編集したスコアもあって、彼らの音楽がさらなる広がりを見せてもいる。

[English Translation]
bloodthirsty butchers  "Soredake/That's It" Soundtrack Ban (Soundtrack Version)

Following the sudden death in 2013 of Hideki Yoshimura, the vocalist/guitarist of the band, Gakuryu Ishii (Japanese filmmaker), who was originally planning to direct a film tied in with the new album of bloodthirsty butchers, created a story film based on the inspiration he got from the band. Naturally, the soundtrack is compiled entirely with bloodthirsty butchers' songs, making it an excellent compilation album featuring a number of hard-hitting tracks ranging from their signature songs to rare numbers. Also included are songs processed and edited especially for the film, bringing out further breadth of their music.