[English Translation]

INORAN (a.k.a. Kiyonobu Inoue) released his 10th album which he arrived at after a journey of a variety of musical styles; from playing ambient music in his early career, to his approach to grunge and then to his recent post-rock-oriented approach. It is most likely the song album in which he performed most comfortably and naturally as himself without intended posture, and in which his unique and melancholic melodies lets out an extra sparkle among the diverse tracks, including tunes of shoegaze, three-chord rock, acoustic, and a rap song featuring the members of BTOB, a seven-piece boy group from South Korea. His powerful vocal on the cover of hide’s “Pink Spider” (hide a.k.a. Hideto Matsumoto, 1964–1998, former lead guitarist of the heavy metal band X Japan) is also really unforgettable.