☆Taku TakahashiU-SKEJazzin'parkら豪華プロデューサー陣が集結した本作。彼女の憧れの存在だというCharaのプロデュースによる“Jelly*”では、囁くような歌声とアンニュイな雰囲気が印象的だったり、北川勝利が手掛けた、主役の甘い歌声と恋する女子を描いた等身大の歌詞が胸キュンなミディアム“Doki Doki*”にときめきが止まらなかったり……。さまざまな表情&歌声で魅せる彼女にドキッとさせられっぱなし!

[English Translation]
With ☆Taku Takahashi (DJ/producer), U-SKE (music creator), Jazzin'park (producer duo) to name a few, a bunch of gorgeous producers got together for this latest release from the next-generation pop icon Yun*chi. In “Jelly*” produced by Chara, the multi-gifted female artist who is Yun*chi’s all-time idol, she impressively demonstrates her whisper-like singing and slacken style, while the heart-throbbing, medium-tempo track “Doki Doki*” (doki doki: Japanese phrase that refers to the sound of heartbeats)created by Katsutoshi Kitagawa (of pop band ROUND TABLE) delivers her sugary voice and realistic lyrics of a girl in love that will make our hearts race forever… Just be charmed with her diverse looks & vocals over and over!