THE BOHEMIANS、キース経由でチャック・ベリー風ギター炸裂させた楽曲をはじめ好きなことで生きる覚悟をハッピーに示した新作




[English Translation]
Well, rock 'n' roll is amazing indeed. THE BOHEMIANS' seventh album comes out impressive. The five rock purists make their jubilant resolution to live their own life with no fear of going against trends such as in "GIRLS (BOYS)” (spelt ‘GIRLS’ but read ‘BOYS’) that features Chuck Berry-esque guitar licks nodding to Keith Richards in equal measure. Based on classics like The Rolling Stones and The Who, melancholic ballad and their Irish take on the genre with a fiddle reveal the band's different yet convincing side. This is a gem.