年頭に初アルバムを発表したスーパー・バンドが矢継ぎ早に送り出したミニ・アルバム。砂原良徳による中期YMOオマージュといった趣の“Musical Chairs”、コーネリアス流儀のニューウェイヴファンク“Chemical”、ミニマルなエレクトロニック・チューン“Peach Pie”など、自由に拡散する5曲を収録。快調なバンドの勢いを感じさせるし、今後の方向性や展開が予想できない、やりたい放題なノリが痛快な作品だ。


[English Translation]
Less than a year after the release of their debut full-length at the beginning of the year, METAFIVE return with a mini-album. Comprised of Yukihiro Takahashi from YMO, Keigo Oyamada aka Cornelius, Tei Towa, Yoshininori Sunahara, Tomohiko Gondo and Leo Imai, the dream Japanese band offer five tunes that demonstrate their freewheeling aesthetic. “Musical Chairs,” produced by Sunahara, pays homage to early ‘80s YMO while “Chemical” is a Cornelius-esque new wave funk track. There are also minimalistic electronic moments like “Peach Pie.” It all brings a great sense of creative momentum, adding up to a stirring album that sees the band get loose and makes you wonder what direction they will take down the line.