80sブラコンの作法を彼女らしいモダンなセンスで換骨奪胎したカムバック作『Lotta Love』から1年、早くも届いたこの新作は同様の路線を取りつつ、気の合うゲストたちとの饗宴でブランニューな未来の景色を描く〈プロデュース・アルバム〉となった。鎮座DOPENESSを迎えた冒頭曲“想像未来”で漂流するロッキンなギターからして新鮮だが、続く“close2u”でのオールド・スクールなラップ歌唱、土岐麻子がフローティンな美声を聴かせる“All Around The World”など、他者へも歌を委ねて新味を織り交ぜながら、甘みと苦みが混じり合ったアーバン・ライフの処世術を説いていく。yoshirounderslowjams)が歌うやさぐれブギー“フライデーラヴ”、田我流とのアバンチュール・ソング“夏のめまい”も歌い手それぞれから狂おしさを引き出していて最高だ。何よりシメの“しあわせの準備”は、〈今日の願いが明日をつくるよ〉というフレーズが不安定な現代に押しつけがましくなく寄り添う最良の一曲。


[English Translation]
A year after “Lotta Love”, an album that marked her comeback with modern reinterpretations of the '80s black contemporary music, G.Rina makes a return with “Live & Learn”. While stylistically picking up where its predecessor left off, this latest effort feels like the singer-songwriter and beatmaker has produced tracks to set the stage for like-minded guests mapping out an unprecedented, futuristic soundscape with her. Featuring Japanese rapper Chinza Dopeness, "Souzou Mirai (meaning Imaginary Future)" opens the album with a buoyant rock guitar sound that reveals a new side to Rina. The following two tracks offer lyrics for the highs and lows of urban life politics. "close2u" combines old-school rapping with singing, before "All Around The World" lets Japanese singer Asako Toki unfold a pleasant, floating voice that brings a different feeling to the producer's music. There are also skilful moments where Rina turns her guest singers loose with their emotion. "Friday Love" is a desperate boogie tune with Yoshiro from hip-hop band Underslowjams on board while "Natsu No Memai (meaning Summer Dazzle)" invites rapper Dengaryu to depict a summer love affair. However, “Live & Learn” saves the best for last as “Shiawase No Jumbi (meaning Preparation For Happiness)” sees Rina singing ‘today's hope will make tomorrow,’ a humble line so relevant to the instability of the current world.