SEMINISHUKEIの仲間たちに加え、CAMPANELLAらネオ東海勢からD.U.O TOKYOERAO.I.NIPPSB.D.LUNA小島麻由美(!)まで、総勢20組以上のゲストが一堂に会した3作目。ホークウィンドを引用したポップなジャケに象徴されるように、甘さと毒気が陽炎のように立ち上るビートには、眩いばかりのサイケ感が充満。アシッド・ハウス風の曲もあって、忙しい日常を離れてトリップ三昧をキメ込みたくなるよ!

[English Translation]
In addition to several peers from the label, SEMINISHUKEI, the self-claimed ‘PSYCHEDELIC B-BOY’ and DJ/beatmaker, BUSHMIND’s 3rd full-length release features more than 20 guest artists/units, ranging from some neo-Tokai region crew including CAMPANELLA to ERA and O.I. of the unit D.U.O.TOKYO, or from NIPPS, B.D., LUNA to even singer-songwriter Mayumi Kojima (!). As the pop Hawkwind-mimicking cover art indicates, some sweetness and poison-infused heat hazy beats are fully packed with dazzling psychedelic vibe. Including an acid house-ish tune, the album should urge you to escape the busy daily life and dive into a trippy psychedelic swirl instead, that’s for sure!