DINARY DELTA FORCEのフロントマンによるファースト・ソロ・アルバムは、みずからトップを務めるDLIPを通じ、クルーが打ち出してきた90'sマナーのヒップホップを揺るぎなく示す、極め付きの一作。Masta Pippen名義の自身をはじめ、DIGNOZAULAHことDJ LEXNAGMATICら制作陣の雑味ない音に、硬派なラップとリリックが行き渡る。ヴィブラフォン使いのクールな“D.O.D.(verse)”からファットな“DOPE PUSHer”へと繋ぎ、不敵な歌詞を串刺すその姿は雄々しい刻印に。“Last Man Standing '05”では、〈燃え尽きた奴らのぶんも灯してくれ〉の一節もエモーショナルにラップへと昇華している。“EST”ではMILES WORDBLAHRMY)とOMSBとのリレーも実現。

[English Translation]

Four member hip hop unit DINARY DELTA FORCE’s frontman-cum-DLIP label’s top person DUSKY HUSKY’s 1st solo album comes out as a radically splendid piece of work that unshakably passes on the authentic hip hop manner of the 90’s, exactly backing the path of other crew members on the label. His unbeatably hard rap and lyrics decently spread over the un-twisted genuine sound by mighty producers such as Masta Pippen (DUSTY himself/his another name as producer), DJ LEX a.k.a. DIGNOZAULAH and NAGMATIC. Vigorously skewering the fearless lyrics from the vibraphoned, cool “D.O.D(verse)“ to the next real fat “DOPE PUSHer”, he neatly embodies himself as a heroic emblem. In the track “Last Man Standin’05”, even the line 'Moetsukita yatsura no bunmo tomoshitekure (meaning Turn the light on for those burnt out)' is successfully transformed into an emotional rap, while in “EST”, a mic-relay between MILES WORD (BLAHRMY) and OMSB comes true.