te’ 其れは、繙かれた『結晶』の断片。或いは赫奕たる日輪の残照。 クラウン (2015)



[English Translation]
te’ “Sore wa, Himotokareta “Kessho” no Danpen. Aruiwa Kakuyaku taru Nichirin no Zansho.” 

The sixth album by te’ marks a turning point for the band with drummer tachibana temporary leaving the group after this release and it being their first album since transferring to a new label. Intricate song structures and performance brimming with dynamism has distinctive quality even displaying patina, but in this piece, one would be left rather with a new and striking impression with the danceable quality seen in the emotronic dance tunes and synth-free trance. The opening track transforms from ambient to shoegazer, and an interlude goes in between electronic and acoustic, all creating a mystical ambience.

40周年 プレイリスト