DJ KRUSH、新垣隆やディヴァイン・スタイラーらゲスト陣の采配&ディープで侘び寂びな音作り冴える11年ぶり新作


近年はソロ活動20周年に合わせての10か月連続配信シングルや加藤ミリヤへのトラック提供もあったが、アルバムとしては実に11年ぶりの新作。前作『寂 ~jaku~』の侘び寂びを引き継ぐかのようにヒグラシの鳴き声を導入とし、新垣隆の救いを求めるようなピアノがセンティメンタルに響く“Nostalgia”を足掛かりに、どっしりと屹立するビートが深い闇の世界へと誘い込む。フリー・ザ・ロボッツを迎えてLAビートに接近した“Strange Light”、ヤスミン・ハムダンの妖艶な歌声にトリップ・ホップの影がチラ付く“My Light”、そしてディヴァイン・スタイラー(!)との邂逅など、ゲストの采配も意外性と必然性を兼ね備えたものだ。tha BOSSがかつての戦友たちにエールを送る“Living in the Future”の熱さたるや!

[English Translation]
Japan’s premier turntablist&hip hop producer DJ KRUSH has always kept things rolling in the recent years, exemplified in the 10-month consecutive digital single release marking two decades of his solo career or the track-producing for the urban pop singer-songwriter Miliyah Kato. And now, he has unveiled his 1st full-length album in 11 years. As if taking over the meditative wabi-sabi concept of his previous work “Jaku (meaning Tranquility)”, the opening track “Nostalgia” starts with the shrilling sounds of ‘higurashi (evening cicada)’ which is followed by the calling-for-help-ish sentimental piano by Takashi Niigaki, making it a foothold of the whole piece that seductively guides you into a deeper and darker world with dominant, bass-heavy beats. As noticed on tunes such as “Strange Light” where he invited Free the Robots to demonstrate a closer approach to LA beats, or “My Light” in which the fascinating vocals of Yasmine Hamdan plus trip hop elements flicker in the shadows, or in the track of the surprising encounter with Divine Styler (!), “Everything and Nothing”, his superb selection of guest artists bears both unpredictability and inevitability. Watch out also for the incredibly passionate “Living in the Future”, a hurray to his former comrades from tha BOSS, THA BLUE HERB frontman!