世界へ邁進し続けているいまの勢いを物語るようなファストコアの表題曲で幕を開ける4作目は、ユーズドアヴリル・ラヴィーンを手掛けたブランドン・パドックをプロデューサーに起用。彼ららしい美メロを湛えたエモーショナルなサウンドを磨き上げているが、特にラストの“FIRE IN THE SKY”は、それを極限まで突き詰めた逸曲! ほかにもパパ・ローチジャコビー・シャディックスを迎えた“RUNAWAY”など超強力。

[English Translation]

The 4th album from the Nagoya-based rock band, coldrain, opens with the fast-core-oriented title track as if representing the current momentum of the band, vigorously pushing forward with their activities overseas. The latest work that welcomed as producer, Brandon Paddock, who is known for working with the likes of The Used or Avril Lavigne, finds their signature emotional sounds delivered with the beautiful melodies even more polished, out of which the last of the lineup, “FIRE IN THE SKY” is a classic that pursues such traits to the fullest. The track that features Jacoby Shaddix from Papa Roach, “RUNAWAY”, is also a not-to-be-missed almighty.