[English Translation]
downy “Dai Roku Sakuhinshu [Mudai] (meaning 6th Collection [Untitled])” 

Where its predecessor represented their comeback in nine years in a vibrant, glaring style, downy's new album is filled with an ominous air and cold feel that recall the band's early days. Its stripped-down, hip-hop-esque groove with Kasuhiro Nakamata's bass guitar at the fore also lands on a spectrum closer to their first productions. Their sound design, however, is noticeably updated as "Koru Hana (meaning Freezing Flowers)" features synths and guitarist Yutaka Aoki favours his quirky side over pleasant timbres. What defines downy's character here is not only the ever soulful vocalist Robin Aoki, who more often sings with a guitar, but drummer Takahiko Akiyama. Recent years have seen the rise of jazz drummers with hip-hop background, but Akiyama's overwhelming instrumentation is built around his eclecticism of hardcore and hip-hop to single-mindedly offer weird beats, contributing to the luster of an album that is second to none.