Alfred Beach Sandal、STUTSとの共作曲やNOKKO“人魚”カヴァーなど南米風味の歌モノ奏でる新EP


北里彰久のソロ・ユニットからおよそ1年半ぶりに届いたニュー・マテリアルは、トリオ編成の演奏をさらに突き詰めた4曲入りのEP。シンセ・ベースが怪しげなムードを醸し出す表題曲、シャッフル・ビートが身体を揺らす“Dynamo Cycle”、STUTSと共作したラテン・サイケ・チューン“Soulfood”、さらにはNOKKO“人魚”のカヴァーと、さまざまなアプローチで南米風味のエキゾチックな歌モノを奏でている。

[English Translation]
New works released for the first time in a year and a half from the solo project by Akihisa Kitazato. Akihisa got down to the nitty-gritty of trio performance in creating the four songs on this EP. The title song has a mysterious mood created by synth bass, while "Dynamo Cycle" will make your body sway to the shuffle beat. "Soulfood" co-created with STUTS, the beatmaker, is a Latin psychedelic tune, and last but not least, the cover of "Ningyo (meaning Mermaid)" originally by NOKKO, the singer song-writer and ex-vocalist of the popular rock band Rebecca, completes this EP that takes a variety of different approaches performing South American-flavored exotic songs.