never young beach、初作は細野晴臣チルドレンのなかでもっとも日常密着型と言えそうなエキゾ音楽集



[English Translation]
This is the first album from never young beach, the five-piece band whose average age is 23 years old, and whose sound is like ‘kissa rock’ (coffee/tea shop rock = Japanese soft rock) relocated to a quiet beach house. Their musicality lies somewhere along the line of Happy End (the legendary folk band active 1969 to 1972) to the early ages of Sunny Day Service (folk rock band of the 90’s), using three tropical guitar phrases that resonates with a touch of psychedelic rock. Their lyrics about mediocre episodes are oddly humorous, and the whole piece can be considered an exotic music collection by the band that is the most daily life-based amongst the so-called Haruomi Hosono Children (, the disciple artists/bands of Haruomi Hosono, former member of Happy End and YMO, now a solo musician.)