Sick Teamなど多角的な活動続けるBudaMunk、5lackやEVISBEATSらMC陣とディープなビートが化学反応見せるソロ2作目


ソロとしてはもちろん、Sick TeamGreen Butterなどのユニットで多角的な活動を展開しているBudaMunk。このソロ作は、ほとんどがBPM80以下のズブズブと深みへと引きずり込むようなダウンビートで構成され、ISSUGIPUNPEE5lackら客演勢との相性は相変わらず抜群だ。なかでも音源上では初顔合わせとなるEVISBEATSの柔らかで陽性なラップと、Budaのディープなビートとの化学反応が白眉。

[English Translation]
Already noted for the multi-dimensional acts, both as solo as well as a member of a bunch in units such as Sick Team or Green Butter, the highly acclaimed beatmaker/producer BudaMunk’s releases his second solo release. Mostly consisting of downbeats below BPM80 luring us into somewhere deep and deeper, the full-length album fully demonstrates fabulous chemistry with fellow leading MCs: ISSUGI, PUNPEE, 5lack as usual. Teaming-up for the first time/material-wise, the chemical reaction between beatmaker EVISBEATS’ soft & cheerful rap and Buda’s deep beat especially stands out amongst the great lineup.