タワレコ店員でもあるシンガー・ソングライターの新EP。WATARU.SSISTER JET)やカジヒデキらお馴染みの面々のバックアップのもと、今回もスタイリッシュに仕立てた4曲を収録。ライヴの起爆剤となるだろう表題曲でパワフルに突っ走る一方、ネオアコ&シューゲイザーな“Moonrise Picnic”では繊細な歌を浮かべてみせるというコンストラストが美しい。ウィーザーのカヴァーもナイス・チョイスなハマりっぷり。

[English Translation]
Serving also as a Tower Records store clerk, rising singer-songwriter Saku‘s latest EP delivers 4 stylish (as always) tunes, firmly backed by familiar faces including WATARU.S (of 3-piece rock band SISTERJET) and Hideki Kaji (renowned musician/producer). While she powerfully dashes through the title track that will be a sassy detonator at her live shows, her dedicated dainty vocals on neo-acoustic & shoegazer “Moonrise Picnic” makes such a beautiful contrast. Also to be noted is the nicely chosen cover of Weezer’s (“Only In Dreams”) that fits ever so perfectly here.