tofubeats『POSITIVE』リミックス盤は、ヤスタカやillicit tsuboiら文脈意識した起用からニヤリとさせられる人選までリミキサー陣の仕事も◎


最新作『POSITIVE』のリミックス盤。Dream Amiが歌う表題曲に中田ヤスタカKREVAを迎えた“Too Many Girls”にはillicit tsuboiなどの文脈を意識した起用や、一方で小室哲哉参加曲にPART2STYLEといった意外性のある人選にニヤリとさせられる。しかし、それらを超えた原曲の〈ポップスとしての強度〉こそがtofubeatsの魅力の根源であり、その意識は今作のリミキサーの仕事ぶりにも繋がっている。

[English Translation]
Kobe-based singer/producer/DJ/beatmaker tofubeats’ latest has just arrived in the form of a remixed version of his 2nd full-length album “POSITIVE” that came out last year. The title track “POSITIVE” features the vocals by Dream Ami and is remixed by Yasutaka Nakata (from electro/techno unit, CAPSULE) while “Too Many Girls” features rapper/producer/DJ KREVA and is remixed by illicit tsuboi, the highly recognized sound engineer, both representing the context-consciousness of the artist. Meanwhile, one of the tracks by Tetsuya Komuro, the eminent singer-songwriter/composer/record producer features PART2STYLE SOUND, a leading bass music unit, and this quite unexpected selection of artists as such is bound to make you grin. Beyond anything, the degree of of the original tracks is the root of the charm of tofubeats, and that is surely seen closely linked to the great work of the remixers on this piece.