Chocolat & Akitoとカリフォルニア発双子デュオのマットソン2のコラボ作は、互いの持ち味を〈AOR〉という共通項でシームレスに融合

Chocolat & Akito , THE MATTSON 2 『Chocolat & Akito meets The Mattson 2』 RALLYE (2016)


[English Translation]

Chocolat & Akito (married couple unit of pop singer Chocolat & her husband/Akito Katayose of 3-piece rock band GREAT 3) and The Mattson 2 (internationally praised real-life twin surf-jazz duo from California) have joined forces for this latest collaborative work. Sharing ‘citypop’ (defined as ‘AOR’ in Japan) as the common denominator, the distinctive styles of both parties, -mellow & song-oriented former and jazz/post rock-anchored latter- are seamlessly blended. Enjoy the irresistible, post-punk this-or-that evoking, thrilling beauty that appears in the very moments when the dreamy melancholic harmony meets perfectly with a miraculously rough ensemble. Be noted also, John McEntire (Tortoise) served as mix engineer on the entire album too.