starRo, a Japanese high-profile reimport who has joined up-and-coming LA-based Soulection after a buzz with his music on the internet, makes a return with his debut full-length album. Despite following the sensual ambient take on R&B demonstrated in a string of unofficial remixes and last year's "Emotion" EP, "Monday" is shot through with future beat tropes to make for an exquisite feel. While the stylistic formula feels novel, the way starRo deploys vocals across the album steals the show. "My Oh My" lets Jesse Boykins III's seductive voice roll over house. Masego's sprightly rap stumbles with playful synths on "Yams." It all comes down to starRo’s complementary, unassuming workout to highlight vocals. Both "Get Me Outta Here" and "Kakurenbo (meaning Hide And Seek)" are also great. The former is a stylish take that features Japanese quirky rappers like NIPPS while the latter exploits singer Chara's vigorous vocals to dreamy effect. This is a promising album that leaves you in eager anticipation for his upcoming production.