Citizen Of Peace 『Intersoul』


日本とアフリカを繋ぐ太古のダンス・ミュージック! 世界中を旅するロシア人アーティストの2作目は、エンジニアに内田直之益子樹、ゲストに沼澤尚森俊之らが参加……と、このメンツだけでもトリップ度はお墨付き。カラハリ砂漠に伝わる音楽から影響を受けた、シンセやジャンベ、ギター、ピグミーの民族楽器と呪術的な歌声によるめくるめく音世界は、眩しいほどの希望と光に溢れている。野外のお供にぜひ!

[English Translation]
"Intersoul" is ancient dance music that connects Japan and Africa!  The second release of the Russian artist that travels the world involves the likes of Naoyuki Uchida and Tatsuki Masuko as engineers, and Takashi Numazawa and Toshiyuki Mori as guests…  Just these names alone guarantee the 'trippy factor'.  Inspired by the music of the Kalahari Desert, the dazzling sounds created by synthesizers, djembes, guitars, Pygmy folk instruments, and magical singing voices is full of hope and light that seems almost too bright.  A must for an outdoor gathering!