Yun*chi、パズラムやAvec Avec、tofubeatsら迎えた原曲知らない人も食指が動くアニソン・カヴァー集〈アニ*ゆん〉


昨年の“Wonderful Wonder World*”がアニメのエンディング・テーマに選ばれるなど、二次元方面との親和性も高かったYun*chiがアニソンを歌うミニ・アルバム。Pa's Lam Systemとの“桜キッス”をはじめ、馴染みのAvec Avecやtofubeatsなどプロデュース陣の人選も彼女らしいもので、原曲を知らない人も食指が動くはず。唯一の既発曲となるkzとの“天使のゆびきり”(2011年)を聴けばブレのなさや先駆性は明らかでしょう。


[English Translation]
Yun*chi - "Ani*Yun ~anime song cover~"

Yun*chi's "Wonderful Wonder World*" was selected as the ending theme to an anime last year, and with her high affinity toward the two-dimensional world, she has released "Ani*Yun ~anime song cover~", her anime song mini-album. "Sakura Kiss2 with Pa's Lam System, as well as her selection of familiar producers like Avec Avec and tofubeats, are very characteristic of her. The album should be desirable to listeners who don't know the original songs as well. Those who hear "Tenshi no Yubikiri" (2011), the only previously released track on the album produced with kz, will recognize its timelessness and innovation.