2年以上に渡る制作期間の成果を全23曲にまとめたUSB {Naked}と、それを14曲に濃縮したCD {Drip}の2形態となった新フル作。〈お茶の間級のロック・バンド〉たるスケール感とポピュラリティーを備えたアンサンブルは不変だが、〈光も影も見据えたうえで前進する〉という信念と持てるすべての表現とのぶつかり合いが、このヴォリューム感から想像できる。{Naked}では終幕を、 {Drip}では冒頭を担う“未完”がその象徴。

[English Translation]
Mr.Children  "REFLECTION"

After more than two years of production, the new full album from Mr. Children has resulted in two different outputs. The USB album “REFLECTION {Naked}” which is compiled of 23 songs, and the CD album “REFLECTION {Drip}” which is a condensed version with a total of 14 songs. The ensemble between the scale of their music and charismatic popularity that demonstrates the band being ‘the rock band familiar to any household’ remains consistent, while at the same time, their conviction of ‘moving forward upon the understanding of both light and shadow’ is seen colliding with all expressions possible, as one may imagine from the volume of the album. As if symbolizing this, the track “Mikan (meaning Incomplete)” acting as the grand finale of {Naked}, is positioned as the opening number in {Drip}.