KID FRESINO、盟友jjjら参加しブーンバップ流儀など楽しみつつジグザグに切り刻んだサンプリング・ビートを軽快なフロウで泳ぐソロ2作目


昨春にArμ-2とのジョイント作品を発表したかと思えば、いつの間にか単身NYへと渡り、その後もフリー・アルバム『Shadin'』の投下やISSUGIERAKIANO JONESpiz?らへのトラック提供/客演など、相変わらず軽やかな身のこなしでスマートにゲームを楽しむKID FRESINO。本場の空気を存分に吸って吐き出されたソロ2作目は、ブーンバップ流儀やエイサップ・ロッキーばりにズルズルなサイケ・ロックのネタも楽しみつつ、ジグザグに切り刻んだサンプリング・ビートを軽快なフロウで泳ぐ様が眩しい一枚に。話題のIOを迎えたザッピー・ファンクやB.Dとのハードボイルドな“Umbrella”などゲスト参加曲も盤石の出来で、特に盟友jjjFla$hBackS)とのメロウなBボーイ讃歌“Turn.(who do)”に痺れる!

[English Translation]
Known as a promising DJ/rapper/producer and crew member of the hip hop unit Fla$hBackS, KID FRESINO always enjoys his game cleverly and gracefully as vigorous past actions can be recalled, including the remarkable joint work with prominent beatmaker Arμ-2 in spring last year, his quiet lone departure to NY, the amazing free download release of the mixtape album “Shadin’”, as well as the notable productions and guest appearances for fellow artists (i.e. ISSUGI, ERA, KIANO JONES, piz?) and more. Here then comes this 2nd solo album fully exposing the ‘real thing’ he gained in NY. Pleasantly adopting various elements as boom bap style or A$AP Rocky-ish slowed-down psychedelic rock sampling, the latest piece successfully brings a pool of gems where his lively flows briskly swim in the zigzagly-cut sampling beats. Also to be noted are the fabulous tracks featuring sturdy guests such as the zappy funk tune “Special Radio” with well-recognized rapper IO, the hard-boiled “Umbrella ft. B.D.” and especially, the mellow b-boy praise-tune with gifted buddy jjj (Fla$hBackS) “Turn.(who do)” that will make you feel completely electrified!