Lantern Paradeのネオアコばりに煌めくサンプリング・ポップ集は、サイケな様相呈す音像を真骨頂に軽やかなサウンド&瑞々しい詩情が心揺さぶる一枚



[English Translation]
Lantern Parade "Kakeratachi"

The monumental 10th full album by Lantern Parade is his unique sampling pop collection of mellowness that’s been extracted from a big ocean of records. As you listen on, you will feel his dope sound scape revealing its psychedelic aspect to its fullest potential. The first half of the album will shake you to your core with the airy sounds and fresh poetry. Its neo acoustic-ish glimmer feels like a prelude towards the new album scheduled to be released this November in the formation of a band… Anyways, looks like Lantern Parade has created another one-of-a-kind album.


【参考動画】Lantern Paradeの2011年作『夏の一部始終』収録曲“木の葉散る”