3年ぶりの新作は、より生音をフィーチャーしてヴォーカルを前面に立たせることで、過去作とは違った方向へ舵を切っている。ユニット活動などを共にするやくしまるえつこを迎えた“Lost Innocence”は、焦燥感を帯びたトラックと彼女のイノセントな歌声が不思議に混じり合う、時間が歪んだようにファンタジックな印象が病み付きに。緻密に刻まれた電子音からも感じられる、ドラマーならではのグルーヴ感が心地良い。

[English Translation]
Featuring more live sounds and focusing more on vocals this time, the multi-gifted drummer, composer and arranger Jimanica‘s latest album (1st in 3 years) obviously looks toward a different direction from his past works. Of the 9 luxury tunes, the track “Lost Innocence” mixing his somewhat frantic beats with the innocent voice of guest Etsuko Yakushimaru, who also is his good buddy sharing various musical units, leaves a fantastic impression as if time is distorted, consequently making it irresistibly addictive. As the carefully prepared electro tones demonstrate, his drummer-oriented, distinctive groove will make you feel so good.