Japanese rock band Suchmos' second album features seven new songs alongside numbers from their EPs. including “STAY TUNE,” a TV ad music played all the time. Giving a boost to the rock approach taken on its predecessor, "THE KIDS" pulsates with a heavy, solid guitar sound throughout. That said, the building blocks of each song are an ensemble based on soul and funk. While maintaining the band’s distinctive groove, the album seems to create a new roaring soundscape that would rock a stadium-class venue, which is symbolised by the anthemic yet bluesy hue of "A.G.I.T.". There are intriguing moments that incorporates an unorthodox approach as heavy guitar riffs lead "SEAWEED" before the track grows sweet during the chorus. “THE KIDS” also features their characteristic, straightforward, mellow tunes like the ‘80s boogie-esque "TOBACCO" and "PINKVIBES," where sensuous electric piano sways. This is an absolute gem so epic you tend to refer to Red Hot Chili Peppers’ latest, produced by Danger Mouse.